Studio Dry Pink Hair Towel

  • With this towel, hair will now be softer, fuller and left with a brilliant shine with NO frizz! Ideal for dry, damaged and color treated hair.

    Comes with convenient elastic band to secure towel onto hair. Can be worn turban style or draped down your back. Absorbs water from hair, but does not remove styling product (i.e.: leave-in conditioner, mousse, gel.)

    • After washing hair, apply your favorite styling product.
    • Drape towel around head, with elastic loop located at the back of the neck.
    • Gently twist towel around hair.
    • Bring the end of the towel up to meet the elastic. Fasten towel gently using the elastic loop like a hair tie to secure in place.
    • To dry hair completely, use a blow dryer to help finish your desired look. Results vary on hair type.